'I have no sense of being famous - you’re just working. And then you’ll have a random day in London when you’ll do some press and it creeps into your awareness that this goes out - that what you do every day goes out to televisions right across the country.
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Good Lord Peter

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Song: Everybody
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The start of a little project I’m working on.


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Colour Meme: Doctor Who
1: Pastels and Pale

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Come on,Rogers,move it!

guys, remember how i can make everything about neuroscience? this scene, though. if steve’s hippocampus — that’s memory storage — is as super as the rest of him the way that the times square exhibit says…it’s actually not that far-fetched to conclude that when steve remembers something, he remembers it like this. like, this might not be an exaggeration. steve might be able to literally watch memories play out in front of him. 

his nightmares must be horrible.

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The ABCs of Blaine Anderson (insp. by: xx)

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get to know me meme || [2/5] female characters : clara oswald

"Still hungry? Well, I brought something for you. This. [holds up her parents’ leaf] The most important leaf in human history. It’s full of stories, full of history. And full of a future that never got lived. Days that should have been that never were. Passed on to me. This leaf isn’t just the past, it’s a whole future that never happened. There are billions and millions of unlived days for every day we live. An infinity. All the days that never came. And these are all my mum’s.”

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